IDE Developer Manual



    PHPlus is an open source object oriented framework and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for rapid web application development using PHP 5 (PHP, PHP5 beta 2) for Linux Platforms.
     Our framework provides a clear boundary between the tasks of web designers and PHP programmers. The IDE ease the use of the framework. The framework is incorporated with the IDE. (The IDE can be used with or without the framework, but it is encouraged to use the framework as it provides many advantages). The IDE provides project management facilities, PHP code editing facilities, deployment facilities, wizards for generating framework related files, auto-generation of clients for web services, auto-generation of skeletons of unit test cases, auto-generation of project documentation and CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) support, which are the core functions. The framework together with the IDE truly helps the rapid web application development. The IDE is developed using Qt 3.1 for Redhat Linux.

A screen shot of the IDE is given below