PHPlus - Quick Starter Guide

(Note: for the latest version of this document, please refer the online documentation)


1. Overview of the framework

2. Installation - php5, Apache & framework

3. Using the framework

4. Framework usage reference



       PHPlus is an open source, object oriented framework and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for rapid web application development using PHP 5 on Linux Platforms.

       The main objective of this project is to provide a web development framework where the presentation is clearly separated from the application logic, and the approach is completely object oriented. In other words, our framework provides a clear boundary between the tasks of web designers and PHP programmers, where both parties can do their jobs without stepping on each others toes.

       The popularity of any framework largely depends on the ease of use. The framework is incorporated with an IDE, which has been developed as part of the project. (The IDE can be used with or without the framework, but it is encouraged to use the framework as it provides many advantages).

       The IDE provides project management, code editing facilities, deployment, auto-generation of clients for web services, auto-generation of skeletons of unit test cases, auto-generation of project documentation and CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) support, which are the core functions. The framework together with the IDE truly helps the rapid web application development.