PHPlus - Quick Usage Reference


Dynamic Text

dynamic text can be added to a web page by inserting following tags at the required place.
<SPAN id="your-tag-id"></SPAN>

In the Presentation Class you could use the following method to set the text

Links and Link Text (<A> tag)

links and link text can be dyanmically modified by using the following method;
$page->setLinkAndLinkText("Your-Tag-Id", Link_Address, Link_Text);

Dynamic Images (<IMG> tag)

dynamic images can be set as follows;
$page->setImageSource("Your-Tag-Id",Image_Source_Address, Alternate_Text);

Changing Attrbutes of Tags

Any attribute of any html tag (which has an id) can be changed as follows;
$page-> setAttribute("Your-Tag-Id", Attribute_Name, Attribute_Value);
or to set several attributes;
$page->setAttributes("Your-Tag-Id", Associated_Array_of_Attribute_Name_Value_pairs);


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