Rapid Web Development Framework + IDE for PHP 5

Computer Science & Engineering
University of Moratuwa

Sri Lanka

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 What is PHPlus?  

    "Rapid web application development framework and an IDE for PHP"

   PHPlus is an open source project to help PHP developers and designers make web based development faster and painless. The goal of this project is to develop a framework and tools (IDE) which will clearly seperate the interface & program logic.

This framework stricktly follows the MVC architecture which clearly seperates the tasks of designers and programmers. Our approach to PHP is completely object oriented and target PHP 5.

The IDE is to be developed to further cut down the development time and the thin client architecture is to be incorporated so that any one can plug different modules to the IDE without much trouble.

Snapshot of the IDE <= Snapshot of the IDE being developed

Getting started Guide provides an easy to use tutoiral based approach to get yourself familiar with the PHPlus frame.


Supervisor (internal) : Dr. Sanath Jayasena
Project Coordinator  : Mr. Shantha Fernando

 Team Members  
 Main Modules  
  • HTML to PHP DOM parser
       A C++ DOM parser is to be developed for converting HTML files into PHP objects. libxml2 library along with a C++ wrapper class library (xerces-C++,XMLWrapp) is to be used for this purpose.
       PHP DOM objects created are manipulated using the PHP DOM XML functions.
  • PHP class library
       A PHP class library is to be developed to dynamically change the content of static HTML files.
  • IDE
       It is developed using C++ and follows the thin client architecture. It is to provide most of the functionalities found in good IDEs written for other languaes such as Java and C++.
       Development is carried out in KDevelop environment. GUI is designed using the Qt library.
Guided By
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
University of Moratuwa

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Updated the FAQ section

Uploaded the minor fixes for the second increments.

Uploaded the second increments.

A set of sample pages are developed to demonstrate how the framework could be used.

Demo application is developed to illustrate the features of the Framework

Performance Tester application is developed for testing the efficiency.

IDE is improved to make it more user friendly.

Method discovery and Several wizards are added to the IDE

XML Controls and Form Controls are added to the framework

Database management is added to the framework

Added PhpDoumentor to produce javadoc like documentation

Changed the implementation of the framework to make more efficient and reliable

Added PHPUnit unit testing support

Added web service client generation thorough PEAR::SOAP package

Changed the look and feel of the site.

At the end of first iteration, 1.1 beta versions of the framework and parser were added.
A tutorial was developed to show how to use the framework.

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